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January 1st, 2007

09:42 pm - To my dear friends...
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July 3rd, 2006

06:53 pm - Dear maxgabe007
A note just for you..Collapse )

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June 26th, 2006

08:13 pm

I can't even remember the last time I co-topped with any woman but I've been fantazing about this for a long, long time.  So when the opportunity dropped in my lap I went for it without any hesitation.  I think there are around 350 pictures that we took of our time with mr. w. in his fabulous "Friendly Little Dungeon(sm)" and I'll be posting the best of the best here.

Without further adieu....Collapse )

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June 25th, 2006

11:11 am - I'm taking a ride ...

With my best friends...Collapse )

Of course there's more.

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May 12th, 2006

07:02 pm - Updates
I've been thinking about Pain_Station alot lately, especially about what I want to do here. I've decided that I would use this community to chronicle my adventures with my play partners here and hope others do the same. This will all be from a Dominant Woman's point of view but I'll certainly leave postings open to Dominant Men. I hope to also use this community as sort of a show-and-tell for Dominants as well as a resource for support. Due to the graphic nature of some of the pictures I'll post (and hope others will too) this community will be restricted to those 21 years of age and older.

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September 7th, 2005

01:46 am - Holy moley!
Sorry about the lack of updates! I'll write more soon :)

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July 15th, 2005

05:16 pm
This week has been a fabulous week! I had four over Tuesday and I had the most fabulous time! We went upstairs to my room and we sat on my bed and talked for a bit (which was a nice ice breaker). Then I asked him to strip nude for (his) the first time. I’m sure he was a little timid but he didn’t show it. I tied him down to the bed in probably the best tie job I’ve done in years (and god I’ll do it again and again and again. I used my new wrist restraints I got from ebay to tie his hands down. These are beautiful leather wrist restraints made in Canada and they had just come in the day before. The even smelled sexy and putting them on four for the first time was… exhilarating!

Then I tied his ankles down, and in an amazing way secured all his limbs so that he couldn’t move one limb without putting some uncomfortable strain on the other limb. I even took a picture (half of his body, NO penis) of this wonderful tie down.

It was a pleasure to see his legs spread as wide as I could possibly get them. I sat down between his legs and started to applying clothes pins to his penis and ball sack. I figured this was a pretty tame pain, very mild and it actually worked out better than I thought because I used two different kinds of clothes pins, plastic and wooden. The plastic clothes pins did a pretty good job (I have to get more of those) the wooden ones are crap. I left these on for about 10 minutes and watched a timer while they did their work. They came off rather nicely…too nicely in my opinion and I moved on to the wax play.

Yes, dripping wax on his cock did the trick! I dripped wax over his ball sack and up and down his penis and his cock stayed hard the whole time. He REALLY enjoyed this no matter how much he was squirming! Then we talked for a bit and then I said “Heey, I have an idea”, and got my bag of sterile needles. I separated one from its package, cleaned and prepped the area and slowly inserted the needle. Which is worse? Having that done slowly or quickly? The needle went thru wonderfully and I made four look at the needle piercing his ball sack several times. He said he couldn’t believe his eyes! I pulled the needle out and there was no bleeding (whew!). We sat and talked for a while afterwards then went out on the balcony to smoke a cigarette! He was definitely a happy pet!

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Welcome to the community Pain Station. I created this community to share the sadistic fantasies that I have rolling about in my head as well as my real life experiences. All of these stories or true life adventures are written from a Dominant Woman/submissive male perspective. You will always be able to determine by its tag which story is fantasy and which story is true. All members are welcome to contribute their own stories or comment.



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